Staff Picks 4/13

Grace: Russel The Leaf – I Think I’m Gonna Write A Good Song Today (Oh God)
Daniela: Truth – Kamasi Washington
Isabel: Is It Me – St Paul and the Broken Bones
Haley: Opened Once – Jeff Buckley
Seth: I’m So Tired of Feeling Lonely – John Prine
Julia: Leaves that Are Green – Simon and Garfunkel
Gabby: Portuguese Love – Teena Marie
Julia: Paint – Paper Kites
Taylor: Goin’ Cross the Mountain – Anna & Elizabeth
Kevin: Do They Owe Us A Living? (Of Course They Do) – Crass
Adam: I So Liked Spring – Linda Smith
Isa: A Case Of You – Joni Mitchell
Trudy: Montezuma – Fleet Foxes
Jake: Dedicated To The One I Love – The Mamas & The Papas
Adelaide: Senza Fine – Gino Paoli
Jebe Back: Hollow Log – Beck
Anna: Revival – Deerhunter
Stephanie: Groove to the Beat – keith and ken

Staff Picks 4/6

Hey! We’re starting this new thing where we share the music the exec staff has been jamming on in a neat playlist:

Julia A.: “Don’t Take The Money” -Bleachers
Isabel: “She Said Sorry” -L.A. Salami, “Street Punks” -Vince Staples
Adelaide: “The Entertaining of a Shy Girl” -Donovan
Seth: “Letter to a Mountain” -Anna Tibel, “Ain’t Who I Was” -Bonnie Bishop
Adam: “Fisherman’s Verizon” -Final Fantasy 8 Soundtrack
Haley: “Deja Vu” -Mort Garson
Julia W.: “You’re So Vain” -Carly Simon
Jake: “Kathy’s Song” -Simon & Garfunkel
Gabby: “Feel All My Love Inside (Extended Version)” -Marvin Gaye
Isa: “Gonna Hurry (As Slow As I Can)” -Whitney (Dolly Parton Cover)
Steph: “The Big Country” -Talking Heads
David: “Petals” -Eluvium, “Kamera” -Wilco




“Run with what feels good”: An Interview with Girlpool

Interview conducted by Maddie Farr ’18 and Stephanie Holstein ’18

When I try to think of a word that characterizes what Harmony Tividad and Cleo Tucker, of the duo Girlpool, were like in person, the one that keeps coming to mind is openness. From the moment we met, on the afternoon of their show at the Horn Gallery in February, Harmony and Cleo brought with them an energy and an ease that were contagious. This is the same energy and honesty that characterizes last year’s full-length debut, Before the World Was Big. I hope this generosity of spirit comes across in our interview, which was a joy to conduct and compile. Thank you so much to Harmony and Cleo for your time, and your openness!

Please enjoy!
IMG_5613 2

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Horn Gallery Spotlight: Girlpool / Bobby T.

By Stephanie Holstein ’18


Dreary February will be interrupted by an undeniable bright spot–Girlpool is coming to Kenyon this upcoming Saturday!!! Made up of Cleo Tucker and Harmony Tividad of Los Angeles, this crazy cool duo has quietly cultivated a huge following upon getting in on the scene in 2014 with their self-titled EP, and this past summer with their debut album, Before the World Was Big (both released by U.K. label, Witchita Recordings). Described as both “punk” and “folk,” I find their biggest strength to be the concepts they explore in their songs, such as our generational worries of growing older and what the future holds, as well as the transcendental nature of relationships with friends, partners, or, above all, the relationships we have with ourselves.

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Mellow out, man: A playlist

By Stephanie Holstein ’18

It’s happening. After a blissful month of total relaxation we have been pulled from our dream-like states and our attentions have returned to those cold, hard books that smell like education and homework and sacrificing a night out, or not having time to watch your shows, or getting less than five hours of sleep, what have you. As we get deeper into this wonderful yet busy semester, you may need to take a little breather to keep cool and remind yourself that me-time is the most important time of the day (quickly seconded by any sleep time, then breakfast time, and so on and so forth). Enjoy these quiet tracks, which rather than rule your mind, serve as a nice soundtrack to any zen thoughts you may have as you space out.

“Speed of Sound” by Chris Bell

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Kanye: The Mad Tracks Behind the Mad Stacks

By Tom Loughney ’16



Sometimes, our favorite musicians will put a line in a song–a line that has absolutely nothing to do with the ideas or narrative of the song–because they think it sounds really, really cool, and because they think they will sound really, really cool saying it. This can pay off in rare situations, but, usually, these make for some pretty cringe-worthy bars. Kanye, as much as I love the guy, is sort of the reigning king of these lyrical blemishes,[1] and boy howdy is he earning his crown on the New Year’s Eve release, “FACTS.”

Watch the throne, everybody.

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A Conversation with Free Cake For Every Creature

Interview by Stephanie Holstein ’18

Free Cake For Every Creature is the project of Katie Bennett, who has been releasing amazing music for the past few years on Bandcamp, both as a solo artist — most recently with her new album, moving songs — as well as with a full-band, as in “pretty good”. Bennett’s music is wide-ranging yet relatable; as she sings quietly and sweetly of love, changes, and memories, she turns her own introspective moments into short and beautiful stories to be shared with us. As Bennett says below, she most enjoys artists she can relate to, and find a friend in. After listening to her music for the past year — not to mention that amazing show Free Cake played at The Horn with Addie Pray — I can confidently say she is just the kind of artist she talks about! That being said, I was so happy to sit down with Bennett and her bandmates and talk about inspiration, Bowie, an eclectic mix of movies, and of course, sweet sweet music. Enjoy!


Free Cake For Every Creature is Katie Bennett (third from the left) pictured here with bandmates Ian Stewart, Francis Lyons, and Colin Manjoney.

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Dead & Company: And The Music Never Stopped

By Stephanie Holstein ’18


John Mayer and Bob Weir shredding in Columbus, OH, at the Nationwide Arena on Nov. 13. (credit: Stephanie Holstein)

This weekend, my sister, Katie, and I saw Dead & Company and were sent to another dimension. As every music outlet has covered the resurgence of the Grateful Dead in this new group and configuration–primarily made up former Dead members Bob Weir, Mickey Hart, Bill Kreutzmann, and stand-in, John Mayer–we were wary of how this change of line-up would sound. Given that most of the Dead have now retired from music or passed away–most notably, patron saint of jam bands, Jerry Garcia–it was definitely a different show than the concerts Katie and I have watched videos of, from the prime of the Grateful Dead’s career. And yet, Friday night they put on an unbelievably amazing show.

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Song Review: Coldplay’s ‘Adventure of a Lifetime’

By Stephanie Holstein ’19

AOAL1000Coldplay generally falls into that category of bands that have had such long careers they become easy to criticize (think U2/Bono), but let me clearly state now that I love Coldplay. Living in London as a little girl, Parachute and A Rush of Blood to the Head were not only my family’s collective jam but a religion. They are one of the few bands that I will always go back to, one of the bands that I have the full discography of on iTunes (!!!) and yet, they are making me very, very sad.

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Artist Spotlight: Sharon Van Etten

By Stephanie Holstein ’19

4d08848cSharon Van Etten came into my life at a very pivotal time. About a month ago, I had the usual sophomore slump/existential crisis—What is my major? Where am I going? Where did my motivation to do anything at all go? The answer to this slump/crisis was MUSIC. Although I’ve been suspicious of the fact, I can now confirm that when I am in a music slump (listening to the same old stuff over and over again) it drastically effects my mood, similar to that feeling when your blood sugar is low, except 24/7.

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