Playlist: Hometown Jams

By Isa Mojares ’20

One of the things I’ve come to noticed since I got here to Kenyon is how much where we grew up/come from influences our taste in music. So much of who we are is shaped by where we grew up, and I guess it took me leaving my own hometown to see that. Last semester, a good friend of mine from back home decided to dedicate one broadcast of his radio show at Colorado College to playing songs by artists from Florida and New Jersey, the states where he and his co-host are originally from. Inspired by that broadcast, I decided to ask some Kenyon students about the bands and songs they feel best represent the cities and towns where they come from.

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DJ Spotlight: Heather Peterson

Interview By Isa Mojares ’20wkco picture.jpg

DJ: Heather Peterson


Time: Tuesdays, 7-8 pm

For those of you who don’t know, Heather works at the college Bookstore. Officially, she’s known as the ‘Sales Floor Supervisor/Apparel Buyer.’ If you see her around, say hi! This past week, I got to sit down with her and her brother, Erik, to talk a bit about her love for college radio, and her new show.

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Playlist: September 30 (reconstructed)

By Isa Mojares ’20

When this is posted, it probably will no longer be September 30. But, as I write this, it is currently September 30th. Anyway, September 30th was one of those days for me where I sat down in a good spot, queued the right music on Spotify, and just felt good. Though the sun wasn’t shining, the weather was finally starting to feel like actual fall, and the moment was accentuated by the great music I had playing in the background.

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Playlist: Everything’s Better Live

By Isabella Mojares ‘20

Oh, live music. There’s something about hearing a song live (or even a live recording) that captures a level of emotion that studio recordings just can’t maintain. Maybe it’s the blood, maybe it’s the sweat, maybe it’s the crowd. Hearing an artist perform their music live transports you into their world, even if just for a moment. Not only do you hear the notes, but you hear the lyrics, wrought with all the feelings they were originally penned with.

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Friend Feeds and Public Playlists: Making Music Social

By Isabella Mojares ’20

Listening to music can be a pretty personal thing. The songs we choose to listen to become the soundtrack to our everyday lives, the catalyst for our Friday night shenanigans, the ambient noise to our late-night cram sessions. Music makes moments and brings people together, inevitably linking itself to our emotions and our mood, becoming the lyrical ~windows into our Screen Shot 2016-09-15 at 11.00.22 AM.pngsouls~.

But what happens when the act of listening to music extends beyond our own ears? In this age of social media and the growing “need” to share everything we’re up to, music streaming platforms, like Spotify and Soundcloud, have given us the option to do just that – share what we’re listening to. Just as easily as we can open up Instagram to see the photo a hallmate posted over the weekend, we can log onto Spotify and see what a friend from back home is currently playing. 

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