On Tape: Judas Hung Himself in America

By Devon Chodzin ’19

Judas Hung Himself in America


After a particularly illustrious few years on records and on tour with Elvis Depressedly, Mathew Lee Cothran has put out another tape under his self-titled solo project via Joy Void Recordings. Cothran dedicated this tape, Judas Hung Himself in America, to his recently departed grandfather and father figure. The tape itself is as beautiful as it is haunting. Several tracks ask unanswerable questions: Where does our shame go while we sleep? (“Judas in America”) How do I give in with grace? (“Liquor Store”) You could move a mountain, but where would it go? (“Who Did Pull the Pin of the People?”) Likewise, Cothran uses Judas as a platform to grapple with his recent sobriety, especially in the tracks “Cherry High” and “Liquor Store.” In all, I’d say Judas is concrete proof that some of the most prolific artists create some of their most resonant works in the midst of immense trials and tribulations.

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Horn Gallery Spotlight: Elvis Depressedly/Bulldog Eyes/Small Wood House

By Stephanie Holstein ’18


Elvis Depressedly

As we begin to grow accustomed a full work week — one without four-day weekends and parents — it may seem like the big breaks to look forward to (Thanksgiving break, one full week of familial, food coma bliss) are really far away. Don’t be sad though, because this Friday the Horn Gallery has scheduled a crazy good show, and may serve as some motivation to work a little (a lot) to ball a lot this weekend!

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