Waters with Ice: A Conversation with the Members of Florist

Interview conducted by Devon Chodzin ’19


Before Spring Break, I was lucky enough to sit down with all four members of the self-declared “friendship project” Florist, who came through The Horn Gallery on March 4th right in the middle of their North American tour. The band released The Birds Outside Sang in January and kicked off this tour soon after. In person, these four creative souls are as cool, calm, and collected as any group of best friends I’ve ever seen before. Frankly, if I were in a band with my best friends, we’d have zero chill whatsoever, but these four are the embodiment of good vibes. The band features the talents of Emily Sprague, Rick Spataro, Jonnie Baker, and Felix Walworth. Thank you all again for your time and your good vibes; I had fun!

Please enjoy our conversation!

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“Run with what feels good”: An Interview with Girlpool

Interview conducted by Maddie Farr ’18 and Stephanie Holstein ’18

When I try to think of a word that characterizes what Harmony Tividad and Cleo Tucker, of the duo Girlpool, were like in person, the one that keeps coming to mind is openness. From the moment we met, on the afternoon of their show at the Horn Gallery in February, Harmony and Cleo brought with them an energy and an ease that were contagious. This is the same energy and honesty that characterizes last year’s full-length debut, Before the World Was Big. I hope this generosity of spirit comes across in our interview, which was a joy to conduct and compile. Thank you so much to Harmony and Cleo for your time, and your openness!

Please enjoy!
IMG_5613 2

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A Conversation with Free Cake For Every Creature

Interview by Stephanie Holstein ’18

Free Cake For Every Creature is the project of Katie Bennett, who has been releasing amazing music for the past few years on Bandcamp, both as a solo artist — most recently with her new album, moving songs — as well as with a full-band, as in “pretty good”. Bennett’s music is wide-ranging yet relatable; as she sings quietly and sweetly of love, changes, and memories, she turns her own introspective moments into short and beautiful stories to be shared with us. As Bennett says below, she most enjoys artists she can relate to, and find a friend in. After listening to her music for the past year — not to mention that amazing show Free Cake played at The Horn with Addie Pray — I can confidently say she is just the kind of artist she talks about! That being said, I was so happy to sit down with Bennett and her bandmates and talk about inspiration, Bowie, an eclectic mix of movies, and of course, sweet sweet music. Enjoy!


Free Cake For Every Creature is Katie Bennett (third from the left) pictured here with bandmates Ian Stewart, Francis Lyons, and Colin Manjoney.

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An Interview with Addie Pray


Interview by Maddie Farr ’18

On the Bandcamp page for Carmen Perry’s new album as Addie Pray, Screentime, she writes: “Screentime is about waiting and learning how to feel like you deserve to be happy.” This message permeates Screentime, whose songs wander through anxiety, worry, comfort, and ultimately, happiness. Like all of the Addie Pray albums (which can be found on Carmen’s Bandcamp), I listen to it with a sometimes painful, always grounding recognition. I’ve listened to Carmen’s music on rooftops and buses and on my feet and everywhere she reminds me that it’s ok not to be happy, but also that I deserve to be.

So it was such an honor to be able to interview Carmen–who graduated from Kenyon in 2015–last Friday, when she returned to open for Free Cake For Every Creature at the Horn Gallery. We talked about P.S. Eliot, SPORTS–her band, also formed at Kenyon, with James Karlin ’15, Benji Dossetter ’15, Catherine Dwyer ’14, and Jack Washburn ’16 (the last two also played in Addie Pray at the show and participated in this interview!)–religion, and more! It was a good time and I laughed a lot. I hope you do too, at the funny parts. Thank you again to Carmen, Jack, and Catherine. Enjoy!

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DJ Spotlight: Abby Sagher ’15

by Molly Wyrsch ’17

Name: Abby Sagher ’15

Show: “Shuffle Like It’s Hot” on Mondays from 7 to 8 p.m.

Hometown: Ann Arbor, Michigan

Major: Mathematics, with an Anthropology minor

Why math?

“I’ve always liked that math has an objective answer. So like, you’re either right or you’re wrong, and if you’re wrong there are steps that you can learn to be right.”

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