Album Review: ‘50 Song Memoir’

    There is no such thing as a typical Magnetic Fields album. Over the course of the eleven albums they have released since 1991, their sound and even genre has changed album to album and song to song. That said, their latest album, 50 Song Memoir, is like nothing else they or anyone else has released. While epic-lengthed albums aren’t a new development (their best known album, 69 Love Songs, consists, unsurprisingly, of 69 love songs), 50 Song Memoir is remarkable not for its length but for the fact that one narrative runs through the entire album. Each song marks one year in the life of Stephin Merritt, founder/leader/heart and soul of The Magnetic Fields, starting with birth and going right up to the recording of the album, which began on Merritt’s fiftieth birthday.

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Enter Grimes’s Reality with “Art Angels”

By Devon Chodzin ’19

Art Angels

Much like Skylar Spence fans, fans of Grimes have been through a lot in the past few years.

After the wild success of 2012’s Visions, Grimes’ growing fan base has been clamoring for more. After all, her most devoted fans know that she’s capable of releasing a ton of material in a short amount of time. Between 2010-2012, Grimes released three studio albums and a collaborative EP, containing hits such as “Vanessa,” “Genesis,” and “Oblivion.” Claire Boucher, the heroine behind Grimes, kept hinting at a new album for 2014, even releasing “Go” with Canadian-American pop artist Blood Diamonds.

But then she scrapped it.

Finally, over a year later, Grimes fans can listen in disbelief to Art Angels, a 14-track masterwork that is unapologetically pop.

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